Dick and Jane with the Missoula Maggots -1980s

Most tourists walk around the outside of the house and we never meet them. However, we have met many wonderful people during the 25 years that we have been part of a living art site. Most we visited with only briefly. Some we spent hours with, and some have become lifetime friends. But there is one group that we always delight in seeing. The Missoula Maggots is a rugby team and they have been coming by on their way to games for the past 20 years. They are usually battered, bruised and grinning from ear to ear.




Jane with the Missoula Maggots - 2009

The fellow in the black coat to Jane's left is John Oetinger who started with the Maggots in 1981 and has been president for 22 years. He has visited many times over the years. He's not sure when the first time was, but he does know it was in the 80s. He didn't happen to be along when
the first photo was taken.



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