The Dragon's Egg: Gift of the Flaming Pearl

2006 •79" x 143"

This is a new version of the marriage of opposites, a subject I have come back to over & over again through the years. The dream below was at the end of my book and has led me to explore the idea of dragon energy.


   A magic fishing ritual had just been performed and the surface of the water began to vibrate. Dick raised his arms and a 5-foot long fish rose out of the water and settled onto his hands. He set the fish gently on the shore and turned towards me. I noticed the water begin to vibrate again- much more action- a long creature with scales broke the surface. I called to Dick to come away this one is too big! He came to the truck with a full-grown Dragon right behind him. I urged Dick to get in. He did. The Dragon was above us dripping hot potent water. The Dragon settled down on top of our yellow van as though it was her egg.
The next thing I know, Dick and I are in the attic of the old house. We are now ten years old. I realize that we are in a huge birdcage but may come and go freely. We know that the Dragon will come soon and knock the house down. She will hook her claws around the knob on top of the golden cage and carry us away. Perhaps we are her children or her treasure. She is benevolent but she is so powerful that great care must be taken to avoid harm by her very nearness.      

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