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Vibrational Field Series
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On September 17, 2007, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This turned my life up side down. I was immediately faced with my mortality. Nationally, only five to ten percent of diagnosed pancreatic patients live beyond a year after being diagnosed. Even though my Oncologist has the best survival rate in the country, with many patients living five years or more, I knew I had major changes ahead. At the time, my artwork consisted of doing large-scale paintings, which took a lot of physical effort to complete. I decided I needed a new style, one that would take as little physical effort as possible. I moved my painting into the computer. If I feel good enough to sit in a chair I can work. Read more...

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Labyrinth Series
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The Labyrinth series was created to continue my exploration of the Vibrational Field. To enhance the vibration, color is used very minimally. These pieces are done in the computer, so the sizes can vary from 15”x15” to 42”x42”.

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Primal Op Series
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Much to my surprise I picked up a brush last spring and started painting again for the first time in twenty years. Like the American modernist painters of the mid-twentieth century, in my latest body of work I attempt to create a new way of painting, thus a new way of seeing. While I am making no social or personal statement here, it is not without cultural or personal reference. It is what you see and what you bring to it. It challenges our visual paradigms, thus making this work demanding to look at. It returns to the idea of painting for painting’s sake, which hopefully takes us to new levels of experience and understanding.

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Reflector Art Series
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My artistic style utilizes light, color and radiant geometric patterns. My medium, industrial grade reflectors, allows me to paint with light. Reflectors are made from the highest quality light translucent acrylic with a diamond pattern in the back that captures light and spins it back out toward its source. I combine this light active medium with two-dimensional geometric designs similar to patterns found from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon jungle. These designs, echoing the patterns within us, have connected people to the living fabric of life since the dawn of time. They create a meditative and instinctive response of harmony. A Reflective Light Painting is an ever-changing representation of the fundamental patterns of energy, reflecting nature on both the macro and micro levels.