Portals Through Time

Reflectorized window panels placed in the second floor windows of the Hallie Ford Museum bring a subtle artistic elegance to the building while respecting the existing architecture. There are 14 windows on the front of the museum, 16 windows on the side and 15 windows on the back. The reflective panels are composed of two layers of 3” diameter industrial grade reflectors in colors of white, red, yellow, green and blue adhered to clear acrylic sheets or Dibond. These 69” high by 21” wide panels are installed from the outside with the reflectors facing out, completely covering the windows and trim. Eleven of the panels are on acrylic sheets and have clear windows behind them allowing a stained glass effect when seen from the inside. The other 34 windows are not seen from the inside as the openings were blocked to create more wall space in the museum.

Photo by Dale Peterson

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