Chain of Life

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Clackamas Town Center Station, TriMet light rail • Portland Oregon • 2009

I combine elements of primal symbolism with modern technology in all my work. Rectangles, stars, diamonds and waveforms are all symbols that have been used in cultures throughout the ages to describe the basic workings of the cosmos. For me, these symbols speak to a deep understanding of the inner-connectedness of all things. I am inspired by these concepts as well as the motifs of earlier societies, and these constructions are intended to be objects of power.

The first link in this chain will be found on the station platforms. Brick pavers are the medium used to express a design inspired by the complex patterns used on native Clackamas basketry. Photos of the platform will be added to this site later.

The next link in time relates to the settling of Oregon. The cut steel designs on the railings that connect the parking garage to the platform were created to honor pioneer quilt makers. They allow an expression of my long-standing study and appreciation of quilts. Mary Bywater Cross, author of Quilts of the Oregon Trail, was a consultant on this part of the project.

My contemporary design, Twisted Ribbon, is a 28’ tall artwork installed in the windows of the elevator facing the Clackamas Town Center. It is composed of nine 33”x21” acrylic panels faced with two layers of multi-colored 3” round reflectors that are arranged to suggest a ribbon-like pattern of DNA. The color and light are seen from the interior of the elevator and the reflective qualities are added to the experience when seen from the exterior. The brilliant light reflected from Twisted Ribbon creates an energy that connects the body and the spirit.

The rail line will open in the fall of 2009.

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